OpenLiteSpeed change default port 8088 to 80. By default, OpenLiteSpeed ​​will run public port 8088. So how do we change it to run port 80 like other web servers? This article I will guide you who are new to OpenLiteSpeed ​​web server to do that. OpenLiteSpeed ​​change default port 8088 to 80 OpenLiteSpeed ​​uses Listeners

How to install OpenLiteSpeed ​​PHP 7 in CentOS 7? By default, there are many web servers using PHP-5.6. Because this is a popular version and is compatible with many applications. However, when PHP 7 was released, its speed increased greatly and that made using PHP 7 more necessary. In this article, I will show you

How to install OpenLiteSpeed ​​in CentOS 7? In this article, I will guide you step by step to install the OpenLiteSpeed ​​web server in CentOS 7. OpenLiteSpeed ​​emerged as the fastest and most powerful web server available today, with many reviews showing that it is even faster than Nginx. You can learn more about it

In this article, I will show you how to add a new domain in Zimbra admin. For most mail system administrators, they can do this through the command line. But Zimbra provides us with a user interface to do that, so let’s use it. Steps to add a new domain in Zimbra admin The system

Zimbra unable to start TLS: hostname verification failed. Have you ever faced this error. Its full content is “Unable to start TLS: hostname verification failed when connecting to ldap master.” This error occurs when you install multiple SSL certificates for multiple domains in Zimbra mail system. Recommended Reading: Install Let’s Encrypt certificate for new domain in

Zimbra block emails Virus Heuristics.Encrypted. Have you ever received notifications from users that customers cannot send mail to them. With the message “Our content checker found virus: Heuristics.Encrypted.Zip“. What is this error? Why does it happen when a customer sends you an email? How to handle it? Zimbra block encrypted archives and Heuristics.Encrypted files Zimbra