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Zimbra block emails Virus Heuristics.Encrypted. Have you ever received notifications from users that customers cannot send mail to them. With the message “Our content checker found virus: Heuristics.Encrypted.Zip“. What is this error? Why does it happen when a customer sends you an email? How to handle it? Zimbra block encrypted archives and Heuristics.Encrypted files Zimbra

How to uninstall Zimbra mail server. Installing Zimbra is not too difficult. But during the installation process, you may experience some unexpected errors. Some errors related to dns, some network related errors, some other errors. At times like that, if you have no way to resolve the error, how to do it? Sure, you don’t

Zimbra zimlets failed during installation. This is an error that I myself don’t understand why it happened. In this article, I simply shared my Zimbra installation experience with you. Zimbra zimlets failed during installation Actually, I have installed Zimbra many times. And there was only one time I encountered this problem. What does this error

After you’ve successfully installed the Zimbra mail server, you need to think about protecting it. And the first thing is a firewall. In this article, I will guide you to configure IPTables firewall for Zimbra mail server. Requirements set First, this article only applies to single servers, if you run mail systems with multi servers,