Introducing free hosting panel VestaCP

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SystemMen - This article, I will introduce to you about free hosting panel VestaCP.

Many people want to own a hosting. Some people only use command line panel like EasyEngine, CentminMod.

Some people prefer a GUI interface to manage hosting more conveniently.

What is Free hosting panel VestaCP?

VestaCP is an open source software that assists you with maximum installation and administration hosting.

It operates under the license of GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENCE Version 3. Therefore, you can use and contribute to the software for free.

VestaCP is sponsored by well-known companies such as: Hosting.Kitchen, MonoVM, A2 Hosting, VPS Server.

introducing-free-hosting-panel-vestacp Introducing free hosting panel VestaCP
Introducing free hosting panel VestaCP.

Features of VestaCP

This free panel fully supports the features that a hosting needs:

  • User
  • Web
  • DNS
  • Mail
  • Database
  • Backup
  • Firewall
  • File Manager

You can read more about the features of VestaCP here.

The core features of VestaCP are free. At the present time, only the SFTP Chroot plugin is charged.

What’s new in VestaCP 2019?

I used VestaCP a few years ago, at that time it was very good.

Its version at the time of this article published, it has greatly improved.

Lighter: it only needs 1 512MB VPS, 1CPU and 20GB hard drive to operate. And it supports Nginx + PHP-FPM to achieve maximum performance.

Softaculous integration: allows you to install more than 439 apps with just one click. This is very interesting, because there was not before.

AWS support: you know, aws is a very popular cloud service. VestaCP’s support is an advantage. However, I have not tested this.


In this article, I only give you an overview of a free hosting management software. It is very good and you should also try using it once.

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